Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~~Loving Picnik~~

I have recently re discovered the Photo editing Program Pincik...I used it some years ago but forgot all about it until a friend reminded me about it...Ive been having fun making banners and editing pictures etc..You really should check it out. You can upgrade and get more features or you can use some basic features free...You upload your pictures  edit etc and then save to your computer!! EASY!!!

Thought I'd share some of mine with you..... VERY hot here today In Melbourne so no painting is being done today!!

Here is a group of Roses.. I always take snaps when I have Roses they look amazing!!

LOVE my Vintage Blue mason jars..... Can only get them from the US and although they themselves are very reasonably priced the shipping to OZ is a killer!! But sooo worth it

Here is our front sitting room....Love my Vintage Wardrobe..this hides away Hubbys massive LCD TV.. A pet peeve of mine is having a lovely room and then having this big black box in view...Takes your eye shot directly to the TV

Mixed pretties from around our home

Love these snippets... My window Panel with lovely shabby ashwell and Charlie Brown Fabric's.... My chandelier lamp put together by my very clever Father... My Cherub lamp BARGINS.... and the lovely Vintage trunk that I purchased from a friend...Going to use that for my markets to place all the doilies and cloths in...

Anyways hoping you are all having a great week... My eldest Son starts back to school on Friday and a big day for me off to work for the first time in 7.5 years!! SUPER excited!!



  1. Wow! Must give it a go. Enjoy going back to work, I did the same last year after 5.
    :) Irene

  2. Mandii thanks for reminding us about Picnik, will have to go and have a play
    Gorgeous photos.
    Friday will be such an amazing day for you, school and work.
    Where are you working