Sunday, January 30, 2011

Roses Roses......

I thought this post I would share with you some pictures of the Roses I have taken over the years!! I love Roses Pink's and whites of course!! I try not to limit myself with how I display them...I use the Vase of course and I also like to use T-Pots...Glass jars and Bowls...Why not I say... these things just sit in the Cabinets anyways!! Ok so here are some pictures for you all!!!

 Pale pink in an Old Vintage Silver T-Pot that I painted Pink

 LOVED these ones...Mixed Shades of PINK...

Lovely Shade of off White in a Vintage Silver T-Pot

The Rose above was actually picked for me from a Friend when she was at Flemmington race Course!! Their Roses are just DEVINE!!!

These Sweeties came From the Gisborne market that I go to... they lasted 2 weeks which was fantastic!! A trick I do is to not only replace the water every second day but I snip a little off each stem too!! And don't they look awesome in my Vintage mason jars!! Perfect Colour match!!

These Stunning Roses came from a very dear friend of mine's Garden...Kirstie from Adeline Country Cottage... Placed on the table that is perfectly Shabby look stunning!!

Lastly these Cuties...Mixed Roses in a Tin Bucket.... Super Sweet!!

A Line I have at my market Stall is Gift cards created from Photo's around our home... some of the above are featured in the cards!! Hope you liked the snaps!!

Hoping you have a Fantastic Week....I also have a Face book Page..Just search shabby*vintage*dreams


  1. wow they are amazing Mands!!!
    and such an inspiration... i also add a little bit of sugar to the water as it feeds the plant and adds to a little extra life!
    thanks so much for sharing
    love to you beautiful
    Vic xxx

  2. Hi Mandii, I too adore roses. I'm always cutting some from my garden to bring indoors when ever I can. I especially love the ones in your second pic. Gorgeous pics! take care, Maryann

  3. They all look gorgeous Mandii..

    I hope you dry some?? i cant help myself drying roses!!~~

    the cards should be a big hit at the market...hope to get there one day soon

    xx andrea

  4. The roses and photos look gorgeous, as would your cards.
    Another tip for roses which was passed onto me from my nana is to add a teaspoon of sugar to the water everytime you change it. Don't ask me why, but it does seem to work.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  5. Hi, new follower here! Gorgeous blog! ♥

  6. Gorgeous my sweet,

    lovely roses, and mine of course from the garden at our old house....great post, love the new blog banner.