Thursday, January 20, 2011

Loving Blue....

Hi everyone...Sorry for the break..trying to get things in order..... Would love to share with you some pictures from around our some of you know I adore here are some eye Candy snaps for you!!!

 Love love love these Vintage crystal knobs I found drool factor!!!

 Vintage China is a must in a shabby chic home!!!

and these Vintage mason jars were a recent purchase......SQEEELSS........LOVE LOVE these look stunning filled with roses... Cannot wait to have a dinner party and have these on the table!!!

Hoping you are all happy and healthy hoping to post again soon!!!



  1. Mandii, so pretty. Love those mason jars. Definitely dinner party worthy!!
    Looove those vintage glass knobs too

  2. I looked forever for blue mason jars - finally found one when I was in NZ. I love them to bits - they're everywhere in US but the shipping is insane.

  3. Hey there chickie loven all the blue as you know, if you want to sell any of those door pulls, contact me, want those jars too!